ARMYs have heard it a lot of times that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook look unreal in real life. Although the BTS boys already look extremely handsome in photos and videos, lucky fans who got to see them in proximity said that they are even more handsome in person.

While the BTS boys looking like a bunch of gods are not that shocking, what surprised most fans is the fact that some of them don’t look like what we see them on screen. In fact, it appears that other members switched auras in real life.

Here are the surprising facts about BTS’ visuals.

1. RM

The BTS leader is known for his super deep dimples, and people with dimples are usually described as cute. However, K-ARMYs revealed that RM is more sexy than cute, with one calling him a “sexy male adult.”

Also, RM is the tallest member of BTS, standing at 181 cm/5’11” tall, but K-ARMYs were still surprised to see how tall he really is in person.

2. Jin

Jin is not exaggerating when he called himself “Worldwide Handsome” as Science even backed up his claims. K-ARMYs don’t disagree with him as well as they revealed that he’s one of the most beautiful human beings they have ever seen.

But even though Jin is dubbed as the “fake maknae” of BTS for his playful and fun ways, K-ARMYs shared that he looks “icy” in real life. One fan said, “When Jin doesn’t smile, he can be almost intimidating.”

3. Suga

ARMYs know Suga as someone with the most swag, who always keeps his cool to maintain that status. However, K-ARMYs revealed that the BTS main rapper’s visual is actually more on the “cute” and “friendly” side.

“He looks like he would make squeaky sounds with each step he takes. That’s how cute and fluffy he is — unlike what he has everyone believe on camera,” an ARMY wrote.

4. J-Hope

Online forums about BTS visuals are bombarded with one realization: pictures and videos don’t do J-Hope justice. Although he is not considered to be the typical K-pop “flower boy,” K-ARMYs revealed that J-Hope’s visual “cannot be described in words; it would have to be seen to be even remotely grasped how good looking he is.”

It has been a long-time belief that when you go to a BTS concert, you will leave as a J-Hope bias, and this has been proven true multiple times. “J-Hope has this aura… this superstar vibe,” one fan shared.

5. Jimin

Jimin has a lot of nicknames from fans and most of them are cute. However, K-ARMYs are shocked to see his visuals in person as he is not a “fluff ball” that everyone sees on the screen.

“His face was actually so overpoweringly intimidating that it felt condescending,” an ARMY revealed. Jimin’s visuals are also described as “extremely cold” and “not even human.”

6. V

Most male K-pop idols are being adored for how pretty their faces are, but K-ARMYs revealed that V’s visuals have a more masculine vibe, making him look handsome than pretty.

“The closer V gets, the more unreal he seems,” a fan said. Many commented that after seeing BTS in person, V is one of the most handsome out of the bunch, along with Jin and J-Hope.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook is not only the maknae of BTS but he is the baby of ARMYs. Despite being a full-fledged adult, K-ARMYs revealed that Jungkook confirms his “Bunny” title for being cute in person as well.

“Jungkook is actually even rounder than he seems in his pictures and videos,” an ARMY said, not because he’s chubby, but his features are rounder than sharper, making him look even more adorable in real life.