Many Windows users may not be aware, or they have already forgotten, Microsoft also serves up a trimmed down version of Windows 10. The two operating systems are nearly identical as they function the same way, but there are noticeable differences, and foremost is the targeted market of Windows 10 S.

Microsoft designed Windows 10 S to be lean and mean. The general intention is for the stripped-down OS to draw straightforward users, specifically identified by the Windows maker as students and small businesses. On this, it is a giveaway that Windows 10 S is the cheaper offering.

That is so, according to CNET, as the OS will come pre-installed on entry-level laptops. There will be Microsoft Surface devices that will run on Windows 10 S, and that is one chief purpose of the product - to make it more accessible to as many users as possible.

Specifically, Microsoft wants users to pick laptops running on Windows 10 S over the identified rivals, which are Chromebooks, the Apple iPad, and what remains of the Android tablet. This indicates that devices on Windows 10 S will deliver optimal productivity but with as little hassle and cost as possible.

The software giant said one thing that should draw users to the OS is the absence of complications. For schools and businesses, setting up and managing Windows 10 S will be a breeze, so deciding to use it over the competition should be easy.

Microsoft has a ready pathway for Windows 10 S users to make the jump on a higher version. For instance, users looking to experience Windows 10 in its full glory by upgrading to the Professional version. Again, this can be done from the device where the OS is installed, obviously for better convenience.

Meanwhile, the main Windows 10 version is fast-approaching to another major feature jump, which happens twice a year - usually in April and October. The first deployment for 2020 will be known as Windows 10 Version 2004.

As the Richmond-based company has earlier indicated, Version 2004 will be the heavier installment of the scheduled Feature Upgrades this year. This was confirmed in the latest preview of the build obtained by, which highlighted the upcoming tweak in the way a PC can be reset.

When Version 2004 goes live, users will have the option to reset from the Cloud instead of the usual on-disk version. However, this new feature will just mirror the operation of the immediate past version of the OS, that is, Windows 10 will be reinstalled using the latest version found on the machine and not the build that originally came when first used.

Windows 10 Version 2004 is expected to be out of the gate between April and May 2020, and as seen with Version 1909, the deployment is touted by Microsoft to be smooth and problem-free.