Cherry blossom's beauty is very special to the Japanese people. It has always been a part of their history, culture and even their life as a whole.

History has it, aristocrats would often sit under cherry blossom trees to admire its beauty especially whenever they bloom. These people will then use the inspiration they got from this awesome creation to write masterpieces such as poems.

Since then, the hanami or the cherry blossom festivals were created more than a thousand years ago, as shared by Trip Savvy. Now, it is not just the Japanese locals that are in love with these sweet sakura blossoms, tourists from all around the world are now hooked with it too.

Usually celebrated during spring, the cherry blossom festival draws millions of tourists, drawing a huge income in the country. According to statistics, Japan's last year's total economic gain is about $5.8 billion.

Unfortunately, with the risks of the new coronavirus slowly embracing the country especially in Tokyo and Osaka, it seems as though the world will not be able to enjoy the major celebration longed been loved by all this year. The Japanese authorities are canceling the cherry blossom festival as an effort to contain the virus. "We are sincerely sorry for those who were looking forward to the viewing... but please give us your understanding", the Japan Mint in Osaka said Friday.

Though also saddened by the news, the authorities share visitors can still enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms despite canceling the major event. There are still blooming trees along public roads, everyone can check but make sure to be done with precautions. Furthermore, there are still other minor events that are anticipated to go as planned, as reported by GMA News Online.

Meanwhile, aside from the cancellation of the major cherry blossom festival, there are also several things that the Japanese government and its locals have done to help contain the virus outbreak. Most schools are now closed and people are encouraged to work home. Other businesses and parks are also encouraged to take a break. Two of those who have taken action are Disney resorts in Tokyo and Universal Studios, which will be also closed for a few weeks.

Currently, there are a total of 256 cases of the new novel coronavirus in Japan. Among these cases are 6 total deaths and 208 active cases. Meanwhile, there are already 42 people who have already recovered from the virus and is now back living a normal life.