The United States continues to suffer losses from the novel coronavirus as New York becomes the epicenter of the country's CoVID-19 outbreak.

First Minor to Lose CoVID-19 Battle Recorded

A patient who tested positive of the novel coronavirus and is under 18 years of age succumbed to the disease, health officials in Los Angeles County confirmed on Tuesday.

According to USA Today, the minor whose name was not disclosed to the public was from Lancaster, California. It is unclear whether the youth had underlying health issues before he tested positive of the CoVID-19 strain.

Health experts noted that the minor's death is further proof that even younger people and children are at risk of getting infected.

News of the minor's untimely passing also echoed an earlier report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealing that 1 in 5 cases in the United States were people aged between 20 to 44.

Trump Sets Eyes on Potential Easter Reopening

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he is looking at reopening the country by Easter. However, some White House advisers reportedly asked Trump to make an Easter reopening more of an "aspirational date," a source told CNN.

The source said that Trump was aware his idea on hopefully resuming business operations by Easter was not a realistic goal since he has yet to decide when the social distancing guidelines outed during the weekend will be relaxed.

New Orleans Sees Alarming Spike in CoVID-19 Cases among Health Workers

The New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has 16 percent of its workforce in self-quarantine due to exposure to the novel coronavirus, The New Orleans Advocate reported.

The department is now looking at an "ambulance surge" to support health providers in the battle against the fast-spreading disease. The news came as it was confirmed that at least 94 of New Orleans' EMS workers of 170 people were exposed to the virus.

So far none of the quarantined health professionals have tested CoVID-19 positive but many of them have yet to get their test results.

Asia Donates PPE to California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday that a massive amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) arrived in Oakland, California from Asia. The stocks were brought in by Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson, CNBC reported.

The donations came as California went on lockdown, placing 40 million residents inside the shelter of their homes while experts attempt a takedown on the novel virus that infected over 50,000 in the U.S.

New York Remains Epicenter of U.S. Outbreak

New York is still the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak as the state recorded over 25,000 positive cases and over 200 deaths.

Meanwhile, New Jersey is gradually catching up to other hard-hit states in the country as it added over 800 more cases on Tuesday. The state now has 3,675 CoVID-19 cases and 44 deaths from the disease.

Michigan's cases are also climbing as the state recorded a total of 1,791 as of Tuesday. The state has seen 15 deaths so far.

As of Tuesday, the United States recorded at least 52,976 cases and 704 deaths after the country added 163 deaths in one day.