With most folks restricted to their homes, many would have no choice but to take a forced break and find something productive or entertaining to do. That includes watching some moves from streaming sites either via Apple TV or Android boxes.

Speaking of Apple TV, it appears there are changes ahead to the tvOS. The Verifier revealed some interesting features that the next tvOS release will allow Apple TV owners to enjoy features like an enhanced Kids Mode, Screen Time management plus some internal specs that may get a much-needed bump.

Among the mentioned, internal spec bumps include a better processor. Currently relying on A10X Fusion, the next-generation Apple TV is believed to be coming with either an A11 or A12 processor. With a higher processor, the next rendition should account for better performance such as loading time and file rendering.

Aside from that, increased storage should be a welcome treat. With the demand for higher quality videos continuing to grow, the same goes to the file size which eats up a lot of storage space. The next-gen Apple TV will reportedly come with 64 GB of storage, doubling the current 32 GB option by default. Aware that some may need more than 64 GB, a 128 GB storage is available to those who would not mind paying a little extra for the device, BGR.com reported.

As for the features to be enhanced on tvOS, the Kids Mode may not be much but something any parent would welcome. Like what most do, Kids Mode will restrict what kind of content kids can watch. Aware that there are loopholes, parents or guardians can now also restrict specific programs. The most extreme of all is to entirely block the app to make sure kids are spared from illicit videos and content.

Screen Time Management may already be familiar to most since it is something available on the iPhone and the iPad. It will give Apple TV owners a general overview of how much time they spend viewing content on select apps or playing games on Apple Arcade.

Originally, the new Apple TV was believed to be coming out during a special event that could be held either in November or December. The tvOS could be out at the WWDC this year, an event that will be an online-only event due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Apple TV reveals could be pushed back as well, depending on the COVID-19 virus which has now forced most to stay at home.