A series of recalls are being issued by two of the world's well-known automakers, Audi and Ford. As with all recalls, all repair work will be performed completely free of charge. 

The Volkswagen Group, Audi's parent company, filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that 5,471 Audi cars from model years 2019 and 2020 pose a potential fire risk. The automaker specifically named its vehicles with a mild-hybrid system paired with the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. 

According to the official recall documents, the plastic molding of the belt starter generator in Audi A6 cars is prone to cracks, which could allow moisture to seep through. If moisture enters, it could damage the electrical system and possibly cause a fire. 

The Volkswagen Group said that a fix is underway and replacements for new improved starter generators should start soon. Owners of 2019 and 2020 Audi A6 vehicles should receive a mailed notice starting May 15. 

Ford's documents, meanwhile, indicated that over 326,000 cars are being recalled in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The defective models include the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, the E-Series, Lincoln MKZ, and Mercury Milan sedans. 

In a statement, Ford said that the largest affected group includes the 2014 and 2015 Ford Fiesta, 2014 to 2016 Ford Fusion, and 2014 to 2016 Lincoln MKZ, which covers 248,912 cars in the U.S., 19,431 in Mexico, and 4 in Canada. 

According to the recall documents, the cars' latch pawl spring-tab design is prone to failure and cracks in areas with temperatures considered to be high ambient. Simply put, there's a chance that the doors might open while driving or will not close when needed. The fix is fairly simple: Ford dealers will simply have to replace the latches. 

A recall exclusive to Canada includes the Lincoln MKZ, Mercury Milan, and Ford Fusion, making up a total of 54,292 cars all in the 2006 to 2010 model years. According to Ford, the hydraulic control unit's valve, which is normally closed, may stick open and could cause a car crash. Unfortunately for Canadian dealers, one accident has already been confirmed. 

Finally, Ford is recalling 2,871 E-Series models in the U.S. and 760 in Canada, all in their 2021 model year. The automaker said that these cars "may have frame-mounted wire harnesses that could, over time, chafe on the frame and damage the wire harness and the circuits within it," affecting the antilock braking, towing, and fuel systems.

As of writing, there haven't been any accidents or injuries associated with the E-Series recall.