WARNING: This article may have spoilers for Chicago P.D. season 7 episode 19. Read at your own risk.

Chicago P.D. season 7 episode 19 is coming within a few weeks on NBC, with the title "Buried Secrets." Adam Ruzek's storyline will the main focus of this episode; he'll act differently towards Kim Burgess, making her worried. It also feels like the episode title hints that this character is hiding some secrets from his past, or he wants to hide something from Burgess.

In Chicago P.D. season 7 episode 19, Ruzek witnessed a kidnapping of a woman and the team tried to put the pieces together. Burgess will also try to reconnect with Ruzek outside of their work, but he is mysteriously distancing himself from her. With Ruzek acting differently towards Burgess, this situation could bring new issues between them.

The synopsis suggests this will be a heavy story for Ruzek; he'll have a strange behavior making Burgess worried. But the question here is: why is he doing such things given that they've already gone through a lot? It's possible that one of his buried secrets is that he feels insecure about himself, or it's also likely he's working on something and he wouldn't want to put Burgess in danger.

But then, his actions could still make Burgess confused and this could lead to them having some problems. Their relationship has already been tested; they're planning to build a future together, but then, they lost their unborn child. They've been through several heartbreaks and still dealing with the trauma of everything that happened.

But whatever happens to Burgess and Ruzek in this episode, it seems like they'd still stick together. They do love each other and they just need to sort out their feelings to figure out what they really want. They are still trying to heal themselves, but these two could somehow get the happy ending that they deserve at some point in the future. Right now, they're just struggling to show their affections toward each other

Meanwhile, Chicago P.D. season 7 episode 19 will be the last episode before the season finale. According to CarterMatt, the series shuts down its production after episode 20 due to COVID-19 concerns. The finale may not have a huge cliffhanger as well, and some of the remaining episodes this season might be part of season 8.

Chicago P.D. season 7 episode 19 will be airing on Wednesday night, Apr. 8, on NBC.