Melania Trump released the strategic public service announcement video about the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States on Friday. As noted, it was a two-part video wherein she spoke about the virus pandemic.

In a report released by Express UK, a body language expert shared her analysis of Melania Trump's PSA videos. Judi James claimed that the formats were "risky" given that the clips resembled the "subtle sexy style" of the Kardashians.

Even so, she claimed that this kind of format did actually had a purpose. She explained that it highly showed that things inside the White House are "back to normal." It was to "reassure" the public, Judi James added.

In the first video, the First Lady seemingly assured the American people that the crisis will certainly end. She said that while "changes" are required, this is not how everyone will live "forever."

She then "urged" everyone to stay in touch with their respective families and loved ones, especially with the use of technology. This reminder was followed by an encouragement to check the appropriate websites where the right information about the coronavirus can be found.

Melania Trump ended the first video by stating that despite the distance among all individuals today, "we are all in this together."

The second PSA video has similar content with the first. But, the First Lady appears to have directed the video to parents.

She started by greeting the "parents" today and told them that she wanted to talk to them about the outbreak. Melania then shared a few tips on how to prevent the virus from further spreading.

Proper social distancing and washing of hands are the main points of the second PSA video. She largely encouraged the parents to teach these things to their kids amid the crisis.

While it was clear and brief, several reports noted that the majority of the American people are not happy and satisfied with the First Lady's public service announcements. This is why many criticisms and objections are very apparent in the comment section of the posts.

As per the author of She Knows, Melania Trump's announcement videos did not make the public "feel any safer." In fact, it was said that the videos did not really help at all since the basic information about the COVID-19 outbreak and the virus itself are apparently lacking.

While it was pointed out that some individuals "appreciate" the First Lady's effort in taking time to release these videos, it seemingly appears that it did not make any difference at all.