China and South Korea's biggest superstars are joining forces to stage a concert for a cause to support fundraising efforts to counter the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19). R & B legend Jay Chou and BIGBANG's G-Dragon are, reportedly, headlining the major music event.

Fans don't need to worry about the health of Jay Chou and G-Dragon because they will be doing the collaboration online so fans can tune in wherever they are in the world, Kpopstarz reported.

The report was first reported by Maeil Kyungjae which indicated that the collaboration between two countries will send a powerful message about the common cause of eradicating the pandemic.

The online concert extravaganza of Jay Chou and G-Dragon seeks to raise funds for those who were severely affected by the virus in both China and South Korea. The event was conceptualized KVLY and Chinese agency FREEGOS Entertainment. China Benevolent General Association is, reportedly, charged with the promotions for the event.

While no official information has been released, the concert is, reportedly, being titled We are the World 2020 with the battle cry Let's Fight the Global Crisis of Coronavirus. The show will, reportedly, be streamed across Asia on April 30.

The concert will, reportedly, provide the audience with a platform to donate to the cause. While the concert streams live from Shenzhen, China and Seoul, Korea, there are other venues for performers from Macau, Malaysia, Singapore where popular stars will perform.

The Jay Chou and G-Dragon collaboration is currently being touted as the end of the divide between the two music industries in China and Korea which started when China first imposed a ban on Hallyu culture several years ago. The cooperation is seen to end the restrictions on the Kpop industry as a whole.

The proceeds for the Online Streaming Concert will benefit the World Health Organization Coronavirus Relief Fund and the Community Chest of Korea.

The online concert comes as welcome news for fans of G-Dragon who were disappointed that the plans of BIGBANG's comeback performance in this year's Coachella Festival were aborted because of Coronavirus concerns.

It was earlier announced by organizers that this year's Coachella will be postponed after the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an advisory for the cancellation of gatherings with over 50 people to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the US.

Fans are expecting G-Dragon and the rest of BIGBANG to work on their comeback album this year after four members completed their mandatory enlistment last year.