They say if you spend a lot of time with the person, you eventually look a lot like them. This claim appeared to be extremely true with Suga and J-Hope.

Basing on the boys’ facial features, they can not be called identical at all. Suga has a rounder face while J-Hope’s has a longer one. Suga has smaller eyes while J-Hope has rounder ones. Suga has a “gummy smile” while J-Hope has a “heart smile.” Suga’s nose has a round tip while J-Hope has a pointy one.

If you watch from afar, then Suga and J-Hope’s height is the most obvious difference. The 27-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer stands at 176 cm/5’9″ while his fellow Rap Line member is taller than him, standing at 177 cm/5’10.”

But if Suga will be mistaken with another member, it was usually Jimin. Both BTS boys have similar height and fashion sense at times. The rapper was never mistaken with anyone else — until a shocking video appeared.

While performing his solo song “Seesaw” in one of BTS performances, Suga seemingly morphed into J-Hope in just a matter of seconds. When the BTS rapper’s face was on the direction of the camera, he looked like himself, but when he looked away and moved his face to the left, he turned into the 26-year-old rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. (Watch the clip here and the focused version here).

ARMYs were in awe of the shocking footage that they took to social media to share their confusion and amusement. “I’m wheezing Yoongi literally look like Hoseok lmao Sope is a copy of each other,” one posted. “I thought I was the only fool thinking the same,” another one shared. “I know this is yoongi but my brain is like hobi?” one confused fan said. “We never saw yoongi and hoseok in a same room together. This explains everything now. Yoongi and Hoseok are actually one person,” one ARMY joked.

Meanwhile, there are so many ships in the K-pop world. These ships are created by fans who feel that something more than friendship is going on between two members. But as for Suga, he didn't need the fans to make a ship for him as he voluntarily shipped himself with J-Hope and called it Sope (Suga + J-Hope).

Suga can be considered as one of the most mellow members of BTS. He would rather sleep than be hyper. And if Suga would exert time and energy, he most of the time spend it fanboying over J-Hope.

As for J-Hope, he is also a huge fan of Suga. Despite the rapper’s low energy and serious vibe, he always finds him to be funny and cute.