Jin is the oldest member of BTS and RM is the leader of the group. Many joked that they are the parents of Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They even have a ship name called “Namjin.”

While RM and Jin are very close and respect each other a lot, they sometimes bicker as if they are an old couple. These interactions are what made Namjin moments fun and relatable at the same time.

Here are 7 times RM and Jin bicker like they have been married for years.

1. Eternal rivals

“Personally, I really suck at dancing,” Jin admitted, but then decided to drag RM by saying, “But Rap Monster really sucks as well.”

When Jin was asked if he considers RM to be his rival, he didn’t hesitate with his answer at all. “Rap Monster is definitely my rival,” he said. (Watch the clip here).

2. Who got the right measurements?

RM and Jin argue about the most simple things such as who cut the ingredient with the exact measurement. (Watch the clip here).

3. Who’s more handsome?

Jin loves to compliment his members. But when it comes to looks, he would not let anyone take his throne. So when he said that RM was handsome, he pointed out that he’s not as handsome as he is. (Watch the clip here).

4. RM forgot Jin’s birthday

Jin and V both celebrate their birthdays in December. However, it seems like RM only remembered one member’s special day in that month and Mr. Worldwide Handsome wasn’t too happy about it. (Watch the clip here).

5. RM blew out Jin’s birthday candle

RM laughed and accidentally blew Jin’s birthday candle before he gets the chance to do so. Of course, the birthday boy felt the need to point out his mistake. (Watch the clip here).

6. Who’s the worst dancer?

RM and Jin would be the first ones to admit that they are not the best dancers in BTS. However, when it comes to just the two of them, they get competitive and argue if who’s the worst. (Watch the clips here and here).

7. Dynamic pose

RM told Jin that he should show some dynamic poses and the latter argued that he already did everything that RM was suggesting when he wasn’t looking. (Watch the clip here).