Meghan Markle's very first non-royal job is an upcoming documentary for Disney. Titled, Elephant, the film will be released on the Disney Plus streaming platform beginning April 3 but the Duchess of Sussex will, reportedly, not earn anything from it.

The wife of Prince Harry did the narrations for the documentary before she left for Canada last November. According to The Times, Meghan refused to receive payment for this job and instead asked for donation for the conservation group Elephants Without Borders.  

Elephant will follow a family of elephants as they journey 1,000 miles across Africa. It aims to highlights the threats and hardships faced by animals and their changing environment. Disney is also releasing the documentary film Dolphin Reef with Natalie Portman as the narrator. 

In July 2019, Prince Harry pitched to then-Disney boss Bob Iger that her wife can do voiceovers. During the London premiere of The Lion King, Prince Harry approached Iger on the red carpet to talk about his wife. 

The timing of the project seems a perfect fit for the Sussexes. Prince Harry and Meghan have been visiting Africa to help with various conservation, wildlife and community projects in their work with the royal family. 

Prince Harry also said that Africa is like a second home to him after spending much of his time in this continent in his younger years. He stayed in Africa after his mother, Princess Diana, died and was warmly welcomed by the community while he coped with the loss, per USA Today.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan will officially be non-working royals as of March 31. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not detailed their next plans as they leave the security of the royal family but speculations are rife that the Sussexes will pursue ventures in Hollywood. 

The Sun reported that Tom Cruise is keen on signing up the Duchess of Sussex if she wants to return to acting. Before she met Prince Harry, Meghan was a TV star on the cable series Suits. The source is confident that the Hollywood action superstar will be able to convince Meghan to work in front of the cameras again. 

As for their future work as philanthropist and patrons, Prince Harry let it spill in an interview that they not have plans to form a new foundation. Instead, the Sussex royals are planning to develop something that will effect real change globally. Apparently, Netflix is also looking into working with Prince Harry and Meghan for a future project.