Jan Vertonghen may be idle right now with most forced into self-isolation due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. Looking ahead, the Belgian defender will have to decide on whether to stay with Tottenham or move on.

The 32-year-old defender knows that his next decision will be critical. He is at a ripe age and the next deal he could agree to would likely be his last. Though he hardly has any qualms being a HotSpur, Vertong hen admits that he is weighing the pros and cons carefully. And one of the factors that could come into play is the exposure he is getting.

Since Jose Mourinho took over, Vertonghen has been given a regular start. That is a sign in a positive direction although it would be best to remain conservative for now. Since coming over from Ajax in 2011, the 32-year-old has made 311 appearances and scored 14 goals. He remains an asset for the Spurs which could somehow hint at what he will likely decide on.

Vertonghen has not agreed to any new contract for now and it may take some time before he does. Resumption of play is a big question mark although league officials say that they will finish this season before starting a new one. As one can see, the Belgian has all the time in the world to completely ponder on his future and does not need to rush his decision, Goal.com reported.

“I will have to decide what I want in my career. In three to four years, I will go to the place where I will likely settle down," Vertonghen said. “I have to start thinking about where I still want to live, what language I want to learn, what culture I still want to live in."

Vertonghen knows that whether it be Tottenham or somewhere else, that potential last contract will likely dictate where he will stay put. With the Spurs continuing to rebuild, his current team may be the best option right now if he wants to retire on a high note in the coming years.

According to his agent, Tom De Mul, they are confident of closing a deal soon. However, he also cautions that anything can still happen especially if there are other teams keen on offering him a good deal.

“We haven't reached an agreement as yet, but we don't rule out anything. There's interest in him as a free agent, but Spurs is a very interesting option for us. The door's still open,” De Mul said.