Apple was planning to launch the iPhone 12 later this year but it appears the Cupertino company is now contemplating moving it back. A big reason for that is the growing COVID-19 pandemic, a growing concern for the entire globe.

The initial thing that would come to mind is that Apple would delay the upcoming iPhone due to business problems ahead. But aside from that, it is the feasibility of offering a new device to the market in these trying times. In short, demand for it will likely plummet and possibly put the iPhone 12 to waste.

Hence, Apple is now reportedly contemplating delaying the launch of the next iPhone by months, Nikkei reported. With no time frame mentioned, there is a looming possibility that the iPhone 12 may not be seen in 2020 at all.

Discussion is now reportedly underway over at Apple with regards to possibly delaying the flagship's launch. With the governing external factors beyond their control, consumer appetite for such a pricey phone is likely to be low to none. The Cupertino company wants the iPhone 12 with 5G technology to be a big hit but it appears that it is unlikely to materialize at least for this year, Mac Rumors reported.

A decision could be made by May as Apple monitors the situation in various regions of the world. A major part of the globe such as the United States and Europe have been hit hard with cases rising by the day. On the business side of things, the Cupertino company is also dealing with dilapidated manpower due to the COVID-19 virus. Like most, Apple is forced to let their employees work from home to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

There were initial plans to see some stores open incrementally starting Apr. 8. But that would not include the United States. And from the way things are going, it appears that a delay in the re-opening of stores is likely.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, there were already concerns about whether Apple had the proper supply to meet demand. Four iPhones are scheduled to debut this 2020 at differing pricing points. All will have 5G capability and come armed with A14 chips. The higher iPhone models will come with new 3D camera systems, explaining why these phones will not come cheap.

Apple is doing the right thing, knowing that they stand to experience losses. No one knows when the pandemic will subside, hence meaning Apple needs to evaluate and decide on its 2020 plans as soon as possible.