Before officially running for the 2016 Presidential Election, and eventually winning the race, Donald Trump is already a popular personality. With his long-established brand, as well as his television program, The Apprentice, which aired for more than a decade, from 2003 to 2015, he is already "established." But, before all of these things, he is widely known for his enormous fortune since the 70s.

According to reports, the incumbent United States President's net worth was $3.1 billion earlier this year. However, he, reportedly, lost a billion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Donald Trump's net worth has been long-disputed, mainly, by himself. In fact, several claims are stating that the real worth of the now-US leader has remained uncertain because some of his assets are private. Whatever the case, though, he has remained to be one of today's richest individuals across the globe. 

In a report released by Investopedia, the Trump family's fortune and wealth have been widely "attributed" to the inheritance left by Donald's father, Fred Trump. It was said that he made a "sizable fortune" through the housing that he built and sold amid the second World War.

Many decades after establishing his real estate empire in New York City, Donald Trump, reportedly, took control of his father's company. He then renamed it, "The Trump Organization," in 1971.

In a span of a decade, he was able to expand the family's fortune by focusing further on real estate. While there were tons of "setbacks" and "disputes," it was revealed that many famous names in the industry deemed him "smart" in terms of handling businesses and negotiations.

As per BBC News, Donald Trump may be well-known not only because of the family's real estate empire but, because of his brand, as well. It was claimed that most of his net worth has come from his "brand value."

The company was said to start licensing the "Trump brand" to other companies during the 80s. This then, reportedly, paved the way for the family's name to accelerate its "prominence globally."

Amid all the success and popularity, these factors were said to have not changed the fact that controversies and disputes have continued to spiral out within his company. Up until recent times, Donald Trump is still facing a lot of battles and allegations, especially that he is now the 45th United States President.

Some reports also claimed that a huge loss will likely be further experienced by the Trump family in terms of their fortune. A billion drop in his net worth last month might even be doubled in the coming weeks if the pandemic will remain unresolved, as per claims.