Most people, if not all, are getting lonelier and lonelier by the minute. Social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns got us all stuck in our homes. Sure, there's family and friends to talk to online, but not all people find comfort in everyday conversations. Sometimes, talking to a stranger is more therapeutic -- that's what therapists are for, right?

It's okay to chat with a stranger as long as you're assured you're in safe hands. Try these apps for free to help you get through anxiety, depression, or even boredom.


Lyf isn't just about finding someone you can talk to in a one-on-one setup. Rather, it's more of an online support group that allows you to create Beats, which is the platform's term for your own discussion groups. If you don't want to create your own Beats, you can simply browse other Beats and join in.

Most Beats in Lyf right now are focused on the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still find a lot of groups that deal with issues you may find similar to your own, such as depression, anxiety, autism, body image, and more. Lyf has a team of licensed professionals available 24/7.


HearMe's design is focused on 1:1 talks with a stranger. The app presents you with a texting experiencing, making it easier to talk to somebody you don't know. The best thing about this app is that it doesn't ask for your information, so you won't have to worry about privacy issues. HearMe also listens to your preferences, so if you want to talk to a female, male, non-binary, or someone close to your age, you will have one.

Note that it's not a dating app, so once your session is done, chances are you'll never get to talk to that person again. Be thankful though a person is volunteering to listen to your woes. You can always re-read your chats anytime you want since they're all saved in your journal -- just in case you want to reminisce.

In this age of social distancing due to the coronavirus, it's important we always keep our communication lines open, even to strangers. With no end in sight as of the moment, we have to do everything we can to safeguard our mental health.

Try these apps for free if you're feeling down and hopeless. Sometimes, blessings come from the most unexpected of sources. In this case, from sympathetic strangers.