SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is making good on his promise to shed off his material possessions in order to better focus on his ambitious goals. The billionaire entrepreneur has reportedly listed a number of his homes in California, with a combined price tag of more than $100 million.

Musk made a vow on Twitter earlier this month, saying that he will "own no house" and sell most of his material possessions. During an interview on a Joe Rogan podcast, Musk explained that he wanted to let go of owning expensive material things such as his homes as it would take up a lot of his precious time. He added that his time could be put to better use in developing rockets to take people to Mars along with developing better sustainable energy technologies.

During the podcast, Musk even countered Rogan's question with his own, asking what would be more important, a house or Mars. Musk confirmed that he and his Canadian singer girlfriend, Grimes, will opt to rent a place instead. Following his initial tweet, Musk had listed two of his homes on the property website Zillow.

The first property he put up for sale was a 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom, 16,251-square feet estate in Bel Air, which he is selling for $30 million. The estate boasts a luxurious master suite, a 2-story library, a theater, a tennis court, a gym, a pool, and a fruit orchard. The second property that was put up for sale was a 2,756-square foot property across the Bel Air estate, which he listed for $9.5 million.

On Wednesday, Musk posted a listing for four connected Los Angeles properties, which was priced at an eye-watering $62.5 million. The property, which sports four bedrooms and six bathrooms, was described as a home for the big thinker as it sports one of the best views in Los Angeles.

Musk also then listed his 10-bedroom mansion, located in Hillsborough near San Francisco, for $35 million. While he hasn't listed this other property for sale yet, Musk did mention during the Joe Rogan podcast that he will be selling the former home of the iconic actor, singer, director, author, and producer, Gene Wilder, which Musk had bought for $6.75 million in 2013.  

Musk stated that he only had one condition for the buyer of Gene Wilder's old house. He noted that he will specifically stipulate on the sales contract that the new owner cannot tear down or make any significant changes to the house in order to keep its "soul" intact.