Big Hit Entertainment dropped a mysterious photo on May 16. The captionless snap with a dark blurry background simply stated D-7.

The next day, the company posted another photo with a similar background. This time, it stated D-6, confirming that it was a countdown. But a countdown for what? There was no hint whatsoever on the post, leaving ARMYs to make their own theories.

Then many have noticed that as days go by, the background to the countdown becomes clearer. And on May 20, Big Hit Entertainment posted the photo for D-3 and it was a picture of a faceless person.

With the ongoing anticipation of Suga’s "Agust D2" and Jungkook’s "JJK1," ARMYs believe that it’s either of the two who is going to drop something big on Friday. But since Suga and Jungkook sometimes look identical, it is hard to confirm who that faceless person really is.

Here are 7 times Suga and Jungkook look identical.

1. From Suga to Jungkook

This short clip showed how Suga quickly transformed into Jungkook when the stage lights went off.

2. Does BTS have two Jungkooks?

In one of BTS’s performances, Jungkook can be seen putting his arm on… another Jungkook. (Check out the photo here).

3. Jungkook has a clone

The only thing that ARMYs could clearly tell which one is the real Jungkook in this still shot is that the one in the front did his iconic shirt lift in “I Need You.” If he didn’t do it, no one could tell JK and Suga apart in this photo.

4. Wearing identical bucket hats and all-black ensemble

Both Suga and Jungkook love wearing black outfits. Add a bucket hat to their whole look then they could pass as twins. (Check out the photo here).

5. Spitting image of each other

When someone edited Suga and Jungkook’s photos, split it in half, and joined them together, the BTS stars features perfectly aligned. (Check out the photo here).

As if that’s not enough confusion, J-Hope could also be a contender as the person in the D-3 teaser. A shocking video of Suga morphing into J-Hope previously went viral.

Suga was performing his solo song “Seesaw” in one of their concerts, and he looked like himself when he was facing the camera’s direction. But when he moved his face to the left, he suddenly turned into J-Hope. (Watch the clip here).

On top of that, V’s previous post on Weverse started a debate if who he was with at the time. Was it J-Hope or Jungkook?

In conclusion, Suga looks like Jungkook who looks like J-Hope who looks like Suga. With that said, the best thing for ARMYs to do right now is to wait for Friday to know what’s really going on.