Princess Beatrice is moving on from her postponed wedding to Edo Mozzi. Originally set for May 29, the royal affair won't be underway because of the coronavirus pandemic and the couple is currently following government guidelines to isolate and limit contact to slow down the virus spread.

According to Hello, Princess Beatrice isn't isolating with Edo at her house in St. James Palace, contrary to speculations. Instead, the couple is staying over at Edo's mother's house in Chipping Norton, according to Princess Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson, more commonly known as Fergie, the Duchess of York.

Fergie shared that she is somewhat sad for Princess Beatrice because her wedding to Edo had to be called off in observance to the government orders. At the same time, she's thrilled for her eldest daughter because she found a man who truly loves her.

The Duchess of York said that she misses having Princess Beatrice over, whom she couldn't see since the lockdown. She knows, however, that Princess Beatrice is doing fine since Edo's mom, Nikki Shale, and the royal's future mother-in-law, is a lovely person who is good friends with Fergie. 

Meanwhile, Fergie is nonetheless thrilled to be staying at home with her other daughter, Princess Eugenie. The Duchess of York revealed that she and her youngest have been bonding again just like when her daughters were little kids.

Fergie said that she and Princess Eugenie baked a lemon drizzle cake for the first time in 30 years. She is relishing in their time together as she hardly saw Princess Eugenie since she married Jack Brooksbank two years ago.

Princess Eugenie and Jack are actually staying at the Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew and Fergie's home, since the lockdown. Fergie said that it's been a total joy to have one of her children at home again. 

It comes as Princess Eugenie and Jack had to deal with a terrible blow during this pandemic. Jack's father, George Brooksbank, was hospitalized because he contracted COVID-19. At one point, the Brooksbank family was told to prepare for the worst as George had to be in a ventilator for over five weeks. 

Fortunately, Princess Eugenie's father-in-law was able to recover and is now safely back at home. He recently issued a statement to thank the NHS workers who took care of him while he was in critical condition. He said that he never felt that the hospital service was overwhelmed and that he owes his life to the hospital staff.