A makeup artist from Brazil caught the attention of Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as well as the series fans after she transformed herself to Jamie Fraser. Her makeup skills are so great that it even prompted Balfe to tease her onscreen husband to take a break anytime he wants because someone can take over his place.

Leticia Gomes, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, shared on Twitter and Instagram her makeover session where she transformed herself into Jamie Fraser, Heughan's character in Outlander. The transformation was on point that she received praise from Heughan and Balfe.

Gomes was able to copy Jamie's look in the series- from his smile, his ginger hair to the character's traditional Highlander attire. She even included Heughan's prominent mole on his left cheeks. Moreover, Gomes was also able to mimic Jamie's way of speaking when she dubbed one of the character's dialogues in the series.

In her post on IG, Gomes said she has started watching Outlander and has been addicted to the series since. She also mentioned that many of her 2.5 million followers have told her that she looks like Jamie and Claire's daughter, Brianna. Gomes then joked that they should look at her video because she thinks she looks more like Jamie.

The makeup artist also tagged Heughan in her post so the actor could see her creation. Heughan did not disappoint his fan. The actor commented on Gomes' post on Twitter and told her that she now got the role of Jamie.

Balfe also saw Gomes' post and teased Heughan that he could take a day off from Outlander anytime he wanted and Leticia could take over his role. Gomes was overjoyed by the actors' comments on her video.

She also hinted that Balfe would be the next in her transformation list. Gomes' video of her transforming into Jamie Fraser has so far garnered 900,000 views on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Heughan wasn't the first fan-favorite TV character that Gomes copied. She had done make-up transformations of other TV series characters such as The Professor/Salva and Nairobi of Money Heist, Joyce and Mike from Stranger Things, The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon, and more.

She also did Angelina Jolie's character in Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, and different versions of Joker. Leticia also copied several musical artists such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Freddie Mercury, and more.