Queen Elizabeth has been through a lot of challenges in her 68 years of reign and as the global pandemic hits, the monarch is, reportedly, drawing much of her strength, calm and steadiness from her Christian faith.

An insider told People that Queen Elizabeth is such a woman of faith that going to church is one of the things she is missing the most amid this coronavirus lockdown. Apparently, the Queen loves the community spirit that she experiences when going to church on Sundays. 

But these days, Her Majesty is unable to go out of Windsor Castle, where she is currently staying isolation with Prince Philip. As a matter of protecting the two elderly royals, the insider said that Queen Elizabeth "feels the poignancy" of not being able to go to church but she won't let this bring her down. 

Royal biographer Robert Lacey said that Queen Elizabeth's faith is so simple but solid that it sustains her. Thus, despite what's happening in the world, she is able to see the bigger context and knows that God is always there to hold her and her family together. 

But while the Queen cannot visit the church since large gatherings are risky for coronavirus transmission, she is finding some comfort in walking her dogs and riding her horses. Sources say that the Queen is making the most of her timeduring the lockdown as she enjoys her animals and the company of her husband. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, reportedly, spend their evenings together having dinner together. The Queen likely still dresses up for such an intimate time with her husband of 72 years.

Meanwhile, Lacey also said that Queen Elizabeth possesses such an impeccable judgement that she always hits the right marks when it comes to her perspective about life. This makes the Queen such an inspirational monarch, especially after she addressed the public on television in two instances. 

The Queen's messages amid this public health crisis has definitely captured what people around the world are feeling during this pandemic. Her close friends said that this is because she comes from a generation that understands what duty and service is. 

The comments come as rumors surfaced that Queen Elizabeth might have to scale back from public life altogether because of the coronavirus. Since there is still no vaccine nor cure for COVID-19, the Queen might not be able to resume to her royal duties for the remainder of the year to safeguard her health.