Prince Charles is backing a virtual memorial meant for those who died because of COVID-19 in the U.K. Remember Me is actually an online book, spearheaded by St Paul's Cathedral of London, to mark the loss of loved ones due to this coronavirus pandemic. 

The Prince of Wales helped launch the virtual book in a video message shared on social media. Prince Charles said that the memorial may be of sorrow and heartbreak but it's also a way to remember the people who died from the virus, who brought goodness and meaning to the lives of their loved-ones. 

According to the official website, family and friends of COVID-19 victims may upload photos and details, as well as short message to honor the deceased via Remember Me. The service is free of charge and open to anyone in the United Kingdom and it will stay online for as long as it's needed by the public.

Prince Charles also said that the virtual memorial is for all people of faith or none. He said that every human being is precious, thus they are worth remembering and honoring, especially by those whose lives they touched. 

According to reports, the memorial might also be a physical memorial at the cathedral, subject to funding approvals. There are designs waiting to be approved for the inner porch in the north side of the church to be turned as an actual coronavirus memorial.

In April, Prince Charles spoke of his own recovery from COVID-19. While he only experienced mild symptoms and was in isolation for a week, Prince Charles said that he understands how "very difficult and abnormal circumstances" especially since patients with the virus have to be isolated from their family while enduring the sickness. 

His son, Prince William, said that they were naturally concerned for Prince Charles' health after his diagnosis. The Duke of Cambridge said that he knew his father would be physically fine as he weathered chest infections and colds successfully many times before.

What made him especially concerned for Prince Charles, however, was that the heir to the throne had to be in isolation. Prince William said that this was perhaps the hardest thing for his dad since Prince Charles loved to walk and venture outside but he couldn't do that because he had to be kept isolated in his room at Birkhall. 

Prince Charles contracted COVID-19 at the end of March, after arriving to his country home in Birkhall, Scotland. Prior to that, he was careful about handshaking with guests during royal events but he was still vulnerable to the virus.