There is little doubt that BTS fans are still shaken after Suga unleashed his second mixtape as Agust D without a warning. Nevertheless, Armys were pleased when D-2 was immediately made available online and the official MV for the lead single '대취타' (Daechwita) was dropped. One of the awesome scenes in the music video featured Min Yoongi doing an impressive sword dance as the Mad King. However, there's actually a shocking story behind this particular sequence.

The Daechwita MV features Suga of BTS playing two characters who are very different yet strikingly alike. The first character is a Mad King with long blond hair who appears to be a tyrant, choosing to kill his enemies. In contrast, the second character is a commoner with short black hair who has several supporters always backing him up. In addition to looking alike (since they are both played by Min Yoongi), these two characters also have a similar scar on their face.

In the Agust D '대취타' MV Shooting Sketch that was uploaded on the official BTS YouTube channel, Suga confirms that the Mad King is actually the old Agust D while the other character he plays is the new Agust D who has come to kill the former. With that in mind, it seems like the point of the Daechwita MV is to confirm that the old Agust D is gone and will be replaced by the new Agust D that has released D-2.

There are more unexpected things that were revealed in the new video. For instance, Suga confirmed that he did not know his Mad King was supposed to perform a sword dance in the Daechwita MV. Min Yoongi was only told that he would have to dance with a sword two days before they started filming. Once he learned about the scene, the rapper practiced so hard that his hands were covered in blisters. Luckily, he was able to pull it off when it was time to shoot the sequence.

Agust D's second mixtape D-2 was a surprise for Armys, who have been following what appears to be a countdown on the official BTS Twitter account. The teaser started with "D-7", which led to speculations that something will be confirmed in seven days. However, once the countdown reached "D-2", iTunes suddenly updated Agust D's artist profile photo to reveal Suga's new look. It was then confirmed that the countdown had been leading to the second mixtape from Min Yoongi's other alter ego.