Princess Charlotte might not be leaving home for school when classes restart in the U.K. in June. Reports cited that Kate Middleton and Prince William are more eager to keep their children at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.K. government announced that schools will reopen next month as the lockdown measures are slowly loosened and the children's exams get underway. First to return to class are reception pupils, year 1 and year 6 students. Princess Charlotte is currently a reception student, while her brother is in year 2. Prince George's age group is not yet cleared to go back to school until the following week. 

However, The Sunday Times reported that Prince William and Kate are not eager to send Princess Charlotte back to class. Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to maintain the children's lockdown routine at home.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George have been homeschooling since the middle of March due to the coronavirus lockdown. Ironically, Kate was reportedly "always against" homeschooling but she didn't have a choice when the pandemic struck and the children's school, Thomas's Battersea, had to follow the government's orders to shut down.  

But since homeschooling the kids, Kate has been laying down ground rules so they can properly keep up with their lessons while still spending a healthy amount of time playing. It took a while for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to adjust to homeschooling but the family has apparently mastered their new routine. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is mainly in charge of homeschooling the children but Prince William also gets involved. Kate shared in a BBC interview that Prince George sometimes gets upset because he likes Princess Charlotte's school work better. 

Meanwhile, other parents and teachers in the U.K. are also hesitant to allow the children back as the virus is still present and there's no vaccine to prevent an infection. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that school is crucial to the children's wellbeing and longterm future. He said that many countries are also restarting in-person classes in manageable and safe ways as much as possible. 

But one parent in the royal family is willing to let his child get back to class. Mike Tindall, Prince William's cousin-in-law, said that his daughter, Mia, who is in year 1, will be in school in June. Mia is attending the Beaudesert Park School near their Gatcombe home, which is also the alma mater of her mother, Zara. 

Mike believes that children do better in a school setting because they listen to other people. Mia apparently enjoyed the first week of homeschooling but it was ultimately not a fun and enriching experience for the Tindall family in the long run.