It will be a special year for the royal family in 2021, as Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh is celebrating his 100th birthday. Queen Elizabeth's husband's centennial year will be marked on June 10, 2021 but, this early, Buckingham Palace is, reportedly, already setting plans for the duke's birthday amid the uncertain times.

According to reports, royal aides are in the early stages of planning for Prince Philip's 100th year, as well as the Queen's platinum jubilee to mark her 70 years as monarch. The royals are apparently "keen to put on a show" because of these are major milestones. 

The royals have also had to cancel most of their traditional and long-running events in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, they are determined for things to return to normal, thus plans are being set for future events.

Besides, Buckingham Palace usually sets the Queen's public engagements six to nine months in advance. It remains to be seen, however, if the royal aides will have to implement some safety protocols to protect the Queen and Prince Philip if the coronavirus is still not under control until then.  

Sources said that the Queen is also eager to restart her public duties if it's safe. Apparently, she misses attending church services the most thus there are speculations that her first official public appearance will involve a church visit. 

Meanwhile, Prince Philip will likely prefer for the people not to fuss about his 100th birthday. Even then, the Duke of Edinburgh, who has retired from public duties at the age of 95, didn't have any desire to celebrate a centennial year. 

In 2000, Prince Philip said in an interview that he cannot imagine reaching up to 100-years-old as parts of him are "falling off." He said that there's nothing worse than growing old at this age. 

At the moment, however, both the Queen and Prince Philip are well-protected in isolation at Windsor Castle. They have been staying here since the middle of March, among less than 25 staff. 

Sources say that the royals are in a "bio-bubble" with the staff observing the strictest of hygiene measures. When Queen Elizabeth goes horseback riding, the staff undertakes elaborate disinfectant measures for her saddle and bridle. She also apparently goes unaccompanied, without servants, family members or security, to ensure that she won't be exposed to the virus.