Xbox Game Pass has been doing well thus far, offering members a wide range of popular titles for their Xbox consoles. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic restricting most to stay at home, it is the best time to offer new game titles to keep everyone occupied.

Xbox Games Pass stirred up some excitement recently when they tweeted they were offering something new in the coming days. They termed it "pretty cool." creating excitement but also raising expectations. So far, the game is under wraps although some folks have started to create their own speculations. One game being suggested is "Yakuza Kiwami 2."

Looking at the Xbox Games Pass site, there is a "Yakuza Kiwami" version, the precedent of the game title most are hoping to see. "Yakuza Kiami 2" is available for the PlayStation 4 and Windows since coming out in 2017. Seeing it played on the Xbox One is possible but will need a proper port. If those are covered, it would be an interesting game to check out - not to mention appease people who have been ranting about it.

Xbox Game Pass, offering more popular title would work to their benefit. Though they claim to be doing well, they are still lacking in engagement. To do that, offering new games that most want and using social media to channel it is the way to go. That is seen as the intent of the tweet but the ones handling it need to be on their feet. Once the identity of the game is known, they need to announce it fast, hopefully, news that will radiate among fans and gaming sites.

It could also be a good way to prepare for the coming of the Xbox Series X. There is no official release date set but bundling it with the Xbox Game Pass should benefit Microsoft in the end. Another game title suggested is "Halo," a well-known title that gamers would love to play.

Finally, it will be interesting if the recent tweet would lure in new members to the site. While waiting, there are games available on the site. There are special offers on select titles, game add-ons and consumables. With nothing better to do due to the coronavirus, gamers should have a field day picking the right game for them once they sign up. This should suffice for now until that much-hyped mystery game is finally revealed. Hopefully, it will be something worth the excitement that Microsoft is trying to build.