Walt Disney has just received approval from the government in Florida for the reopening of its theme park in Orlando. The company announced that Walt Disney World Florida will officially be reopening its doors to the public on July 11. 

The first attractions that will be made available to the public will be the park's Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom areas. A few days later, on July 15, the park's Epcot and Hollywood Studios will be opened to the public.

As part of the requirements for its reopening, Disney had to submit a detailed reopening plan to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force. The plan included detailed steps the company would take to ensure the safety of its customers. The plans were endorsed by Orange County Mayor Jerry Dennings prior to the approval from the state.

To try and control the spread of the coronavirus disease, Disney will be implemented a number of strictly enforced measures in its Florida theme park. All visitors and employees will be required to wear face masks, those that will not comply will not be allowed to enter the premises.  Visitors must also subject themselves to mandatory temperature checks prior to entering the park. Disney is also advising patrons to purchase their tickets in advance to allow it to control the number of people inside the park on a daily basis.

Apart from the control measures, Disney revealed that it has installed additional hand-washing stations across the park. Signs and instructions have also been placed in restaurants, shops, and queue lines to guide people to property social distance.

Disney has also made contactless payment services, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, available throughout its park. Disney is also using its own Disney Magic Bands, which can be loaded with credits to make payments. The company announced that it would be temporarily suspending parades and other special events that encourage people to gather in a crowd.

Disney said that it has canceled all dining, party, and meeting reservations through the end of 2020. The company has also suspended all Fast Pass reservations, including those for shows, rides, and other attractions.  The company will be prioritizing patrons that had already purchased tickets before the park had closed.

Despite all of the safety measures it has put in place, Disney acknowledges that there is still a risk of contracting the coronavirus for visitors inside its park. In line with this, the company has issued a disclaimer to all visitors, informing them of the inherent risk if they were to visit the park.