Conspiracy theories abound everywhere and Queen Elizabeth, as well as the rest of the royal family, are not exempt from the rumors and speculations. Recently, Buckingham Palace had to issue a fact check as rumors circulated over the state of the Queen, her family and her official residence. 

Unconfirmed stories said that Queen Elizabeth may have been dethroned as something odd appeared at the palace gates. Apparently, people took videos when they noticed that the royal family's Royal Coat of Arms was missing.

One of the men taking the videos also suggested that the large windows of Buckingham Palace appeared to be "boarded up" and that Gurkhas have replaced the royal guards. Was there someone new sitting on the throne? Is there a new royal family and where has the Queen been? 

spokesperson for the palace denied the speculations and said that the reason there's a missing crest on the palace gates was because it's being repaired. Apparently, the crest was destroyed in October 2019, after a truck crashed on it, which was reported in the media.  

The reason the windows of Buckingham Palace are covered up was because of the current renovation works, which was stalled for two months due to the coronavirus. In mid-May, Queen Elizabeth approved the restart of work in the palace just as the government also allowed construction work to resume after two months of lockdown. 

The windows have also been lined with a protective film to protect the interior fabric during the renovations. Thus, it appeared from the outside that the palaces' windows have been covered in boards.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth has not been seen doing her royal engagements because of the coronavirus threat. The Queen has been staying in isolation at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip since the middle of March.

Buckingham Palace announced in May that the Queen will temporarily not be holding events and many of the royal family's major activities have been canceled for the safety and health of the public. These events usually attract large crowds, which could easily spread the virus.

The clarifications come as people said the man claiming to be the real king, from the true royal bloodline, is going to take the throne. Apparently, conspiracy theorist say Joseph Gregory Hallet or King John the 3rd is the true King of England, since Queen Elizabeth descended from a different bloodline.