The apparent unrest in the United States has continued following George Floyd's death. While Donald Trump has, reportedly, focused on resolving the problems revolving around the protests across the country, the violence that has emerged seemingly worsens as the days pass by.

Last week, the protestors have already reached the vicinity of the White House, according to BBC News. Over the weekend, reports revealed that the US President, including his family, were forced to hide in a bunker inside the White House for security purposes.

The sources' revelations, reportedly, led many individuals, especially protestors and demonstrators, to get angrier. But, after the "bunker" headlines went viral, Donald Trump, reportedly, broke his silence about the matter and shared his side of the story to Fox News Radio, on Wednesday.

As explained, the US President said that the "bunker" headlines were "a false report." He did admit, though, that he was there "for a tiny, little short" time, primarily for an "inspection."

He also, reportedly, shared that he came down to the bunker "two or three times," that day, which were all "for inspection." There was never a problem, Donald Trump added.

Upon denying the claims, reports said that the President also mentioned that going down to the bunker to "take a look" was seemingly a recommendation made toward him. He then, reportedly, claimed that that day would be "a good time" for inspection.

Following his interview, CNN released an analysis of the whole debacle. The report said that the entirety of the "bunker story" tells everything about Donald Trump that "everyone needs to know."

It also asserted that the US President "simply" disputed the whole narrative because it would make him look weak, and he hates nothing "more than weakness," CNN's Chris Cillizza shared.

With all the controversies surrounding the whole bunker claims, Donald Trump has "earned" the nickname, "Bunker Boy," according to Hollywood Life. As reported, several netizens went on to slam the US President on social media after hearing his denials about hiding in a bunker because of the protests in Washington, D.C. last week. The critics, reportedly, included several people from all walks of life, including officials and celebrities in the United States.

The publication then noted that the "bunker" is more formally known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center. This was, reportedly, constructed under the East Wing in response to the Pearl Harbor attack.

After World War II, the so-called bunker was only used during the 9/11 attacks.