Melania Trump has spoken again about the apparent unrest in the United States following the death of George Floyd. The First Lady, reportedly, "condemned" the disturbances caused by the protestors across the country.

But, her post on Monday, came after the "riots" that escalated in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, according to FOX News. She, reportedly, said that she is "saddened" that communities are being "damaged" and "vandalized."

Melania Trump also included in her post the encouragement for everyone to "protest in peace." She also urged the public to "focus" on "taking care" and "healing" the "great nation."

This is, reportedly, her second time to speak about the matter. The first time was on Friday when she reminded the public that the United States "allows for peaceful protests."

She also seemingly "condemned" the apparent violence that lies within the public's unrest. She said that there is "no reason" for it.

Aside from voicing out her concerns, she also, reportedly, shared her "deepest condolences" to George Floyd's family. In the end, she went on to ask everyone to "focus on peace," as well as "prayers and healing."

Despite being vocal, ABC News said that Melania Trump did not mention "why people are protesting." But, this is not the only reason why netizens are currently slamming her and her husband.

Based on the posts she shared on social media, netizens are calling her out for not "starting" what she preaches inside her own home. This is, reportedly, a clear reference to her situation with her husband, Donald Trump.

Several individuals also went on to assert that the posts are not even written by the First Lady, herself. They also deemed that "she does not give a f***" about the whole debacle.

Many of the netizens also pointed out how her husband was addressing the public "from a bunker" inside the White House. As it happened, reports revealed that the US President was "rushed" to an "underground bunker" on Friday when the protestors, reportedly, gathered outside the White House.

ABC News, reportedly, confirmed this narrative from the New York Times. It remains unclear, though, whether Melania Trump and Barron Trump joined Donald Trump.

Following the unrest over the weekend until Monday, the city Mayor, Muriel Bowser, alongside the District officials, reportedly, "imposed" a curfew later on Monday. US Marshals and DEA agents were, reportedly, "deployed", along with the entire D.C. National Guard, into the streets. 

A day after, Melania Trump released a new post on social media and urged everyone to "obey the curfews" in place. She also noted that everyone deserves to be "safe," which can only happen if everyone works together toward "healing and peace."