Melania Trump and Donald Trump have continued to speak out their thoughts and sentiments over the apparent unrest in the United States. Following George Floyd's death in custody, there has been an outcry from the public across the country. Aside from protestors and demonstrators, crime and violence have also become rampant. This is why several White House officials have spoken about the matter these past few weeks.

In the case of the First Lady, she has repeatedly urged the public to "protest in peace." She largely highlighted and centered her public addresses on "healing" and "peace," according to the Daily Express.

However, the case is different in the US President's part. As pointed out, he seemingly continues to "glorify violence" amid the crisis in the country.

One of his earlier tweets was even reportedly "flagged" by Twitter for "glorifying violence." Accordingly, several publications asserted that the First Couple is not sharing a "similar tone" and has since appeared to be "out of sync."

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have not commented on this specific aspect of the issue. But, sources told CNN that the East Wing and the West Wing are always in "communication."

Speaking to the publication, White House Deputy Press Secretary, Judd Deere stated that the First Lady "cares deeply" for the American people. He also said that the East Wing's messages, which largely highlighted "comfort, encouragement, healing, and peace," are all essential factors to the West Wing's initiatives in putting the violence to a halt.

But, despite the viable arguments, another White House official told CNN that Melania Trump, particularly her "messaging," has "frustrated" the West Wing. This contradiction between the First Lady and her husband did not "sit well," and it "does not help," the source added

The publication then added that this "juxtaposition" has seemingly led the West Wing to set aside the East Wing in their "strategic conversations." Sources also asserted that even during Ivanka Trump's meeting with Jared Kushner and Hope Hicks as they formulated the plan for Donald Trump to hold up a Bible while he walks to St John's Church for a "photo op," Melania Trump' name "never came up." 

Reports then claimed that this is not the first time that the First Lady and the East Wing became in contrast with the US President and West Wing's messaging. Amid the pandemic crisis, the two have repeatedly manifested an oppositional tone, particularly in the aspect of wearing masks and observing social distancing, the reports added.