Queen Elizabeth II has relocated to Windsor Castle earlier in March. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her husband, Prince Philip, have to observe self-isolation considering that they are part of the most vulnerable group of individuals amid the crisis.

Since their relocation, the British Royals have either cancelled or postponed their engagements and appearances. This even included the Queen's actual and official birthday. As it happened, she celebrated her actual birthday in April, alongside the Duke of Edinburgh, and will celebrate her official day in June without the official Trooping The Colour event at Buckingham Palace.

Despite the cancellation, though, royal sources, reportedly, revealed that there will be an alternative to the official event. "There will be a small, brief military ceremony at Windsor Castle" which will mark the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, a source told the Daily Mail.

For over two centuries, the British Royal Family has observed the annual Trooping The Colour at the Horse Guards Parade. As pointed out, this is a celebration to mark the official birthday of the British Monarch.

This year, the event was set to happen on June 13. But, since the emergence of the pandemic, this has put everything on the Queen's diary in line for cancellation and postponement. It is likely the reason why many royal fans and supporters seemingly looked surprised when reports surfaced claiming that the event will push through, yet in a different manner.

Palace insiders, reportedly, told publications that the "mini" Trooping The Colour will happen on the original schedule, June 13, at exactly 11 in the morning. Instead of the Horse Guards Parade venue, the "military salute" will take place at Windsor Castle, according to People.

Buckingham Palace has already confirmed the matter, as per the publication. However, further details have yet to be revealed.

Alongside the details of the event, it also remains unknown whether Queen Elizabeth II's children and grandchildren will join her and Prince Philip to mark the day. Although there have been a few discussions already, no confirmations have been made about the other British Royals' attendance.

This year's celebration is also, reportedly, much more special than the usual as it will happen just three days later after the Duke of Edinburgh reaches his 99th year. Many have noted that this is a huge milestone in the lives of the British Royal Family, especially on Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's part.