When the rumors surfaced that Brooklyn's Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are interested to see how teaming up Bradley Beal could work out for the Nets, the Wizards star became the subject of trade speculations. The latest possibility for the shooting guard is the joining up with the Heat or Lakers but the fact is, leaving Washington is not a priority for Beal.

The fact that just months ago Beal agreed to extend for two more years should be clear indicating that jumping ship is not in the cards right now for the 26-year-old. And recently, the player's agent and the Wizards management have sent out a notice that moving out is not a scenario that is in immediate consideration.

If anything, NBC Sports said the Wizards star is not going anywhere but for the interested and persistent parties, the only time that a business can discuss Beal is during the offseason. That's correct, any chance of convincing the man to get off Washington can only be started before the start of the NBA's next season, provided his team and Beal himself will want to sit down on the subject.

In any case, Beal's availability will only clear up after Season 2020-21 and the report conceded that between now and the middle of the campaign next year, there could be disruptions and the star might be talked into considering a change.

The best argument for Beal to reconsider is to make him realize he is of the gold standard but the likelihood of him winning is nil if he sticks with Washington. The best is waiting out there for him.

Take the example of Paul George, whose decision to leave OKC was largely motivated by the desire to get a shot at winning an NBA ring. George is now working with Kawhi Leonard and the duo are gunning to win a title for Clippers. The records show so far that they might just succeed.

If the model seems compelling to Beal, no one can blame for taking the same path and if he does, he might as well pick the Lakers.

The LA squad that now stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis is on the way to win a championship that last happened during the reign of Kobe Bryant. James and AD are dead serious on completing their mission and do the same in the years to come, and they thought having Beal around will be a huge boost.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Lakers indeed will want to enlist the services of the Wizards franchise player.

"The Lakers, at different points they've had interest in Beal," Lakers Nation reported the NBA insider as saying.

Charania added that the Lakers are playing to win so the interest on Beal is only natural. But it's up to Beal to make the next move as the insider said a supermax offer from the Wizards is certainly hard to resist.