A few years after their first meeting, Melania Trump and Donald Trump tied the knot in 2005. Nearly two decades later, they have become the nation's First Couple following Trump's win in the 2016 presidential race.

Melania automatically became the First Lady of the United States. While this is a huge and important job to fill in, she does not see it as the "most important job" in the world, according to the Daily Express. As stated, she deems motherhood to be the one.

Melania Trump has one son, Barron Trump, whom she shares with Donald Trump. At 36, she gave birth to him in 2006. Since then, Barron became the youngest member of the First Family.

When he arrived, Melania was, reportedly, working on her jewelry collection business. Even so, it is said that she works as a mother, "fulltime." "That is my first job," she added.

Aside from taking care of Barron, she also revealed that she lets him do several things that will allow him to learn and nurture his "imagination." As stated, the First Lady lets her son draw on the walls of his playroom.

Melania Trump, reportedly, continued to assert that letting Barron nurture his imagination is "important." She then shared that every time her son draws on the walls with crayons, they just "paint it over" after.

The now-First Lady also mentioned that there was a time in the past when Barron Trump was playing "bakery." So, he wrote on the walls, "Barron's Bakery." Barron is "very creative," she told the publication.

Melania then, reportedly, contended that it is important for parents to give their children a "room to make mistakes." She said that this will allow them to learn. "Mistakes build wings," which will enable them to "fly and go on their own," later on in life, the First Lady said.

Melania Trump and Barron Trump seemingly share a very close relationship. In fact, the First Lady remained in their New York apartment, despite the need for the US President, as well as her, to move to the White House after the inauguration, as per The Guardian.

As it happened, Melania stayed with her son to finish his academic year before officially moving in into the White House. She and Barron just relocated to Washington D.C. nearly six months after the inauguration.

To date, the First Family is reportedly staying at the Executive Residence as they continue to observe the social distancing guidelines given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.