Donald Trump officially became the United States President in 2017 after Inauguration Day. This marked the "commencement" of the Trump administration's first term.

Following the Inauguration, he entered the White House, along with some members of his family. However, this surprisingly did not include his wife, Melania Trump, and youngest son, Barron Trump. They relocated to Washington D.C., though, after six months.

A year after entering the position, Donald Trump, reportedly, brought forth a lot of changes inside the White House. But, the most shocking of all has been the prohibition of his officials to use personal cellphones. As it happened, the administration "banned" the West Wing employees to use their personal gadgets, according to Time.

The then-White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly was, reportedly, the one who "imposed the ban." It is said that restrictions came after Donald Trump repeatedly complained about the "leaks" to the media since his arrival at the White House.

In January 2018, the personal mobile phone ban started a week after the official announcement of the new policy. "Security and integrity" of the White House's technology systems are a "top priority."

This is why the Trump administration no longer allows its employees and guests to use their personal devices in the West Wing, the then-Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted. Instead of using their personal phones and gadgets, the staff, particularly those who are working in the West Wing, must "conduct business" using their "government-issued devices," she added.

The decision of the administration under Donald Trump met criticisms from various officials and aides inside the White House. As reported, an anonymous government official told the publication that the personal phones were not "as secure as" the one given by the federal government. It is also added that there were "too many devices" connected to the wireless network of the White House.

Several aides and employees, reportedly, revealed that their work phones could not be used for personal purposes. Also, it is then added that the work phones issued by the government could not "accommodate" texting.

Those who essentially opposed the ban also, reportedly, noted that this would become a real challenge and difficulty. As explained, texting has been the "easiest" way to reach and communicate with their family members.

While Donald Trump's banning of personal phones met criticisms, Cheat Sheet released a list of the "weird" things that the previous US Presidents banned inside the White House. By far, the number one on the list is the banning of broccoli under George H.W. Bush's administration.

The list also included balloons, under Obama's, jeans, under George W. Bush's, and smoking, which was once allowed inside the White House.