Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's arrival inside the White House has since become a controversial matter. Even today, the couple still obtains criticisms from the public for various things.

In 2017, Donald Trump named his eldest daughter and son-in-law as White House Senior Advisors. They shortly moved to Washington D.C. to take their offices in the West Wing.

As per reports, this is just one of the many "presidential rules" that the First Daughter has broken since then. It is an "unconventional move" made by the US President, according to Cheat Sheet.

It is explained that this is the first time that a "first child" has held a position in the West Wing, or under the administration, in general. Despite the fact that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have no salaries in taking their positions, they have been branded as "unqualified" to take the roles by the public.

Upon obtaining the positions, the First Daughter, as well as her husband, reportedly obtained physical offices, as well, in the West Wing. Although this is not reportedly the first time that it happened considering the then-First Lady, Hillary Clinton, "operated" an office in the same wing, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are said to have broken another presidential rule after receiving "government-issued" phones and "security clearances" to various "classified information."

Alongside the offices, Donald Trump's daughter also has her own Chief of Staff. As stated, she hired Julie Radford to work with her. To date, she still holds the position under the First Daughter's office.

Another "presidential rule" that Ivanka has reportedly broken is the bringing of kids inside the White House, particularly in the Oval Office. As explained, the couple brings their three toddler kids "on occasion" to spend time with their grandfather, the US President.

She reportedly revealed the matter in a sit-down interview. It is "a lot of fun" for them, the First Daughter said.

One of the most apparent rules that she has broken inside the White House is she has been reportedly using her role to market her fashion brand. Reports explained that Ivanka Trump "stepped away" from her businesses and posts outside her position inside the White House.

However, allegations have continued to develop that she has been taking advantage of her "official status" to advertise her products. As contended, 70 percent of the outfits that some publications "reviewed" are reportedly from her own clothing and accessory brands.