Queen Elizabeth II just recently marked her official birthday on the grounds of Windsor Castle. This year's Trooping The Colour is said to be far different from the usual one considering the current crisis in the United Kingdom.

Instead of the usual venue at Buckingham Palace, they celebrated the event at the royal's Berkshire property. Also, it took place without the presence of the rest of the British Royal Family.

The British Monarch has been staying in the castle with Prince Philip since mid-March to self-isolate. Prior to the royal event, the royal couple celebrated another milestone given that the Duke of Edinburgh just turned 99 earlier this month.

Trooping The Colour is an annual event celebrated by the British Royal Family, as per Royal UK. As explained, the huge and important event marks the "official birthday" of the Queen, just as it marked the birthdays of the previous British monarchs for over 260 years.

It is noted, however, that this is not the actual birthdays of the reining heads of the British Monarchy. In the case of Queen Elizabeth II, her actual birthday is on April 21, which she celebrates "privately."

Despite the importance of the big event, there was a time in the past when a "scolding" happened between Prince William and her grandmother on the day of the event, according to the Daily Express. As stated, the Duke of Cambridge received the "wrath" of the British Monarch during the Trooping The Colour in 2016.

During that time, members of the British Royal Family were all at the balcony of Buckingham Palace. While Kate Middleton reportedly held Princess Charlotte, Prince William looked after their firstborn, Prince George.

The young royal reportedly "stood" in front of his father and "looked" below down the balcony where thousands of people gathered. In doing so, Prince William "crouched down" to speak to Prince George, the report said.

Upon seeing the whole picture, Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly "far from impressed." As revealed, several experts and lip-readers claimed that she scolded, "Stand up, William!", and so the royal Duke did "immediately."

While no one could confirm whether a scolding, indeed, happened between the royals, several photos emerged and showed the chain of events, as well as their reactions. As noted, it would not be surprising if the Queen truly scolded her grandson as the event was "particularly important" since it was her official 90th birthday.