Meghan Markle officially became a member of the British Royal Family in May 2018. She married the royal-born Prince of Wales, Prince Harry in a lavish wedding held at Windsor Castle.

After the royal wedding, the royal couple became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and shortly started to attend royal engagements as working royals. For nearly two years, they worked as senior members of the Firm. 

However, this all ended earlier this year when they decided to step down from their posts. They announced that they would exit the royal life to become "financially-independent" while they divide their time between the United Kingdom and North America.

Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry laid out their reasons before the public, several speculations behind "Megxit" have continued to develop. One of the most apparent considerations is the alleged "rift" between the Sussex couple and other British Royals, particularly Prince William and Kate Middleton.

In two years of working as senior royals, there were reports of rifts between the Cambridges and the Sussexes. These claims, though, have remained unproven, even today.

But, royal author, Lady Colin Campbell has contended that the "rift" actually emerged way before the time of the "royal fab four." She told the Daily Star Online "exclusively" that it all started "four days" after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot.

On May 22, 2018, "something", reportedly, happened on the grounds of Buckingham Palace when they attended their first royal event as a royal couple. As stated, the event was for Prince Charles to mark his achievements since he was about to turn 70 that year.

She then revealed that Meghan "did something" astonishing on that day. By the next day, the royal author, reportedly, learned about it at a dinner in her house since it seemingly became the talk of the town.

As explained, one of the attendees of the event for Prince Charles was also present during the dinner in the author's home. She, reportedly, said that this guest, who has "impeccable palace connections," told her how Meghan Markle "astonished" her.

She continued to share that the revelations left them "absolutely gobsmacked," and that they thought it would not "bode well." Lady Colin Campbell then said that it was not a good sign. While they all, reportedly, hoped that the information was wrong, "it was accurate," she asserted.

The royal author did not exactly reveal what Meghan Markle did. But, she, reportedly, said that "it's in the book," Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, which will be out later this month.