Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are observing social isolation in Los Angeles, along with their firstborn son, Archie Harrison. Since their official exit in March, they immediately relocated from the United Kingdom to Canada, then to the United States, where the Duchess of Sussex grew up.

These days, the Sussex couple has remained focused on living a private life. Although they already made a few appearances since their arrival in the country, several reports pointed out that they have been trying to live a much quieter life.

The official talks and discussions about the royal exit have since ended its course. However, the blame is still reportedly apparent on Meghan's part. As stated, the majority has placed the blame on her end due to several reasons.

They have remained silent about the issue. This is probably the reason why speculations about the matter have continued to develop, even today. This is also reportedly the reason why the exit has been deemed as "Megxit," according to Cheat Sheet.

The publication, however, noted that this might not be the actual case at all. As it happened, Prince Harry reportedly asserted something shocking in the past, which seemingly changes the whole narrative of Megxit.

Speaking to Newsweek's Angela Levin, the Duke of Sussex reportedly hinted that he had been planning to quit the royal life since then. As the royal expert placed it, he was "adamant" about being more than just a royal-born Prince.

The expert continued to share that the youngest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles told her "several times" that he "aches" to become "something other than" his current role. This all reportedly comes after the "difficulties" Prince Harry has been experiencing in recent years due to the evident media attention, alongside the death of his mother during his childhood years.

The reports then said that this interview seemingly "signaled" that the thoughts of departing the royal life had been "constant" in his mind. It is also asserted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not yet official in public when the interview took place. Accordingly, putting the blame on the Duchess alone does not reportedly fit the whole picture.

Whatever the case, though, the same publication claimed that the constant attention and criticism that they have had obtained, especially the former actress, played a part in their decision to step down and live lives outside the British Monarchy.