Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have seemingly settled down already in their new home in the United States. Alongside their firstborn son, Archie Harrison, they have already celebrated huge family milestones in the Duchess' hometown, including the couple's wedding anniversary and their son's birthday.

Their move to Los Angeles was not a huge surprise to royal fans and followers. Since the bombshell announcement in January, many have already speculated that they will then relocate to the United States. After a few months, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did and found their new home in Los Angeles.

With their move, however, they have, reportedly, missed several huge royal events and milestones in the past few months. Some of these include the Queen's birthday and the most recent one was Prince Philip's 99th birthday, according to the Daily Express.

Prince Philip's birthday on June 10 is, reportedly, a huge milestone not only for the Duke of Edinburgh but, to the rest of the British Royal Family, as well. As explained, he now becomes the longest-living British royal, Prince Consort when he turned 99 a few days ago. Accordingly, it is a hugely important event considering that it is a "historical event."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, reportedly, missed the celebration since they are now in the United States. Nevertheless, a virtual call between the Sussexes and the Duke of Edinburgh took place on the royal's special day, a source told the publication.

It remains unknown, though, how Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II marked the special day inside Windsor Castle. But, for the rest of the British Royal Family, they, reportedly, marked the day by sharing greetings and photos on their respective social media accounts.

For Prince William and Kate Middleton, they, reportedly, shared three photos on Instagram featuring the Duke of Edinburgh. Similarly, the Royal Family's official accounts also, reportedly, posted a series of photos of Prince Philip.

In the case of the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen, they shared the day with the rest of the public by posting a photo of them on the grounds of Windsor Castle. As reported, a photograph of the royal couple was taken on June 1, which, reportedly, resembled a photo of them back in 2007.

On another note, Prince Harry also, reportedly, missed an important date in his life. In the same publication, it is said that the Duke of Sussex missed the 12th anniversary of his first solo engagement as a working royal. As explained, his first solo royal engagement happened on June 5, 2008, when he visited Cardiff's University Hospital in Wales.