Prince William and Kate Middleton just recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. They tied the knot in April of 2011 after dating for almost a decade.

The relationship, reportedly, started during their university years. However, it is said that they started as good friends, and even lived under one roof, along with their friends.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the same university in 2001. They both studied Art History before the royal-born Prince, reportedly, changed his degree program.

In the past, Kate Middleton and Prince William have openly shared their university days and their first meeting, according to Cheat Sheet. As described, it was not a "fairytale."

Speaking to BBC with Tom Bradby, the Duchess recalled the events. She, reportedly, shared that she went "bright red" upon meeting her soon-to-be husband. She did say, however, that they became "very close friends" from then on.

This was the only thing that Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed about their first meeting. But, several royal authors and biographers had, reportedly, other surprising details about the moment. As stated, it was "extremely embarrassing" for both of them.

The same publication said that royal author, Christopher Andersen, who authored William and Kate: A Royal Love Story, revealed in his book that the young Kate Middleton "curtsied" upon meeting Prince William in their university dormitories. This, reportedly, "shocked" the royal-born Prince causing him to spill his drink all over himself. In the end, it is said that Kate ran away after.

In another claim, Tom Quinn, who also authored several royal-related tomes, said that the first meeting between the young Cambridge couple was, indeed, "embarrassing," according to the Daily Express. However, his account had a different narrative in comparison with the previous claims.

As reported, he described the first encounter in the documentary, William and Kate: Too Good To Be True?, which just recently aired on Channel 5. He, reportedly, shared that the Duke of Cambridge was "keen" to meet Kate back then claiming that "he was so desperate."

He then continued to reveal that Prince William even "tripped" as he walked towards Kate Middleton and told her that it was a "terrible start." Nevertheless, the royal author, reportedly, asserted that the Duchess saw the "funny side" to it. They "soon became friends," he added.

While these two different claims are quite plausible, it remains unclear which one truly happened. But, based on Kate's assertions, the Duchess revealed that she was "shy about meeting" her future husband.