Raising kids is very challenging. But, as for working royals, like Prince William and Kate Middleton, the task can be much more challenging.

Aside from the public scrutiny that they all face in their day-to-day living, they also have to deal with the busy schedules due to their duties and responsibilities. In the case of the Cambridge couple, the task is reportedly three times much harder since they have Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But, just like Prince Charles and Princess Diana when the Wales Princes were still young, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also hired a "helping hand" that will assist them with their kids. As it appears, having royal nannies is quite common among British Royals.

According to Hello! magazine, the most famous royal nanny is likely the Spanish-born, Maria Borrallo. As stated, she has been with the Cambridge family since 2014, a few months after Prince George was born.

She is known for being "totally professional." It is said that the royal nanny for the Cambridges is not married, and does not have a partner. Maria is "married to the job," a source revealed.

Another source also said that Maria Borrallo previously worked for several "high-profile" families. This is reportedly the most plausible case as to how Kate Middleton and Prince William met her.

In a similar report released by Cheat Sheet, it is revealed that the Cambridges' royal nanny graduated from Northland College. She reportedly underwent an "extensive" training program to become a nanny. The program lasted for three years.

This reportedly featured the courses that focus on child care, like diaper changing, lice removal, and children's online activity. The training also includes sewing, cooking, and even "self-defense" routines.

While Prince William and Kate Middleton have always touted their "hands-on" parenting, it makes total sense why they need assistance from royal nannies. As per reports, Maria Borrallo has been seen on several occasions, especially during public engagements and events.

Other publications further shared that Prince George was also cared for by Jessie Webb. She reportedly "assisted" the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Anglesey.

As pointed out, she is a "trusted" individual of the British Royal Family. The reason being is that she was Prince William and Prince Harry's former nanny.

Barbara Barnes and Olga Powell were reportedly some of the earliest royal nannies for the Wales' Princes. But, when they were a bit older, they were cared for by Tiggy Leggy-Bourke, who reportedly met Meghan Markle as she was introduced by the Duke of Sussex prior to their wedding.