Donald Trump has been facing several speculations and allegations about his health. Since last year, the talks and discussions about the matter have continued to develop following the incidents where he reportedly showed "signs" of a "decline."

This has become the front and center of many headlines, again, this week after his West Point commencement speech. As reported, his attempt to drink from a glass of water and his "halting gait" as he descends from a ramp sparked the speculations about his health, according to Forbes.

It is explained that amid the speech, Donald Trump attempted to drink water from a glass in front of him using his right hand. However, it then reportedly appeared that he also used his left hand to support the movement and to "tip the glass" toward his mouth. It was reportedly a strange scene to witness since, in the past, his right-hand grip was already "sufficient" for him to drink from a bottle or a glass of water.

Aside from the glass of water, there was also the incident on the ramp when he had a "halting gait" and an increased pace on the latter end of the ramp. These scenes witnessed by the public reportedly caused too many speculations and discussions among netizens and experts.

The talks about his strange movements on that day were not entirely paid attention to by the rest of the public. However, Donald Trump reportedly posted a tweet about the matter, which "drew more attention" to it.

The US President explained in his post that the ramp was "long" and "steep." He also noted that there was no "handrail," and it was "very slippery."

At the end of his post, Trump said that that last thing he would do is "fall" and allow "Fake News" to make "fun" of the whole incident. So, he seemingly defended why he "ran down" the ramp. 

Following the talks about what happened during the West Point engagement, several reports released what most experts had to say about the matter. As stated, many have concluded that Donald Trump has been having a "decline" in his health.

Reports also pointed out that this was not the first time that health experts urged the US President, as well as his physician, to conduct tests for his overall health condition. In 2019, the speculations about him developing dementia have also become a hot topic among experts.

But, amid all the reports, Trump and his camp have continued to quash all speculations and allegations concerning his health.