The headlines involving Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have continued to rise in recent weeks. Following all the reports about the alleged continued rift between the two Duchesses, it has since appeared that the allegations concerning their relationship have persisted to plague them.

While the Duchess of Sussex is currently living a private life in Los Angeles with her husband and son, the Duchess of Cambridge has remained committed to the British Monarchy. Amid the pandemic crisis, she, alongside her husband, Prince William, has continued to perform royal engagements and appearances through virtual platforms.

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton reportedly "surprised" the students at Oak National Academy. It is an "online classroom" made to respond to the crisis in the United Kingdom that offers "free resources," according to Hello! magazine.

The association reportedly shared "exciting news" on its social media platforms announcing that the Duchess of Cambridge would join their upcoming assembly to discuss the "importance of kindness." It is also said that they were "absolutely thrilled" to have her on board.

Following the announcement, Oak National Academy also released a short video clip featuring Kate Middleton in a Zoom call. As stated, she joined a conference call with the students from Waterloo Primary Academy, in Blackpool, to find out what "kindness" means to the pupils.

The call between the Duchess and the students reportedly centered on the topics of "kindness" and "support." The full video was reportedly published a day after.

While several individuals have continued to praise the Duchess, fans of Meghan Markle "criticized" her, as per the Daily Express. As stated, the video met tons of criticisms from the netizens because of reported "hypocrisy" of Kate Middleton.

Some of the fans of the Duchess of Sussex reportedly pointed out that it was a "joke" for the Duchess of Cambridge to talk about kindness. It is explained that this is due to the notion that Kate did not show kindness to Meghan during her time as a working royal.

Other netizens also reportedly slammed Kate Middleton for not exercising and practicing what she had preached. One even said that the Duchess' kindness is "limited" to some people only, referencing that she was not kind to the Duchess of Sussex.

Amid the criticisms made by the former actress' fans on social media, the Duchess, herself, as well as the future Queen Consort, has reportedly remained silent about the matter. Reports also noted that they have never made any comment about the ongoing reports concerning the alleged rift between them.