Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now legally able to use the name Archewell for their foundation since the case challenging the Sussexes have failed to prosper. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex won against New York healthcare CEO Scott Kantro.

In his challenge, Kantro said that Archewell is a lot like Archecares, a rival charity. Kantro expressed concern that Archewell might cause confusion with Archecares, when he applied to stop the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's trademark, reports showed. 

However, Kantro's application was eventually tossed out by a judge. Apparently, the CEO failed to respond in a timely manner after asking the courts for more time to gather the supporting documents for his case. 

The news comes as Prince Harry and Meghan's trademark application was reported rejected in June because of some technicalities. Allegedly, the Archewell trademark documents didn't have their signatures and the Sussexes needed to define their foundation's objectives further because it was too broad. According to Toronto Sun, Prince Harry and Meghan have until August to make the corrections to their trademark application. 

In June, sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they are excited to launch Archewell. The original plan was to activate the foundation in April, the month following their step back from the royal family. 

Only, the coronavirus pandemic forced Prince Harry and Meghan to move their launch date at a later time. A source also told People that Prince Harry and Meghan are also finding other opportunities to help identify the causes that Archewell will focus on. 

Prince Harry and Meghan have been discussing with key persons, thought leaders and communities to learn and apply these learnings to the future of Archewell. At best, Archewell will actually launch by late 2020 or early 2021. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan are now attached to become guest speakers at various events. They are being handled by the Harry Walker Agency, who also handles the likes of Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

This gig could potentially command a fee of $1 million per appearance from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Allegedly, the couple could earn more thanObama who gets $320,000 for his speaking engagements.

According to PR expert Mark Borowski, this seems the right move for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they want to have a lucrative private income. Speaking engagements are apparently a natural environment for Prince Harry and Meghan and it's where the big bucks come in.