The Philadelphia 76ers were a picture of inconsistency in the season and Tobias Harris admitted his team has a serious problem that screams for immediate solving. The Phillies are not exactly a mess but they could have done better and Harris said chemistry is to blame, or more appropriately, the lack of it.

Prior to the season suspension, the Sixers scored 39 wins and the record earned them a ticket when the games are resumed in Orlando this coming July. The expectations are not too high for Harris' crew and the Philadelphia star can only agree.

"We haven't had the best chemistry throughout the whole year. It took us a while to kind of get everyone together, we battled injuries from the start to the end," Fadeaway World reported the small forward as saying, picking up on his interview with NBC.

That the Sixers are not blending too well in the locker room have reflected on how the squad performed so far in the hardcourt. The observation is there that Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, tipped as a tandem to match the Lakers' LeBron James and Anthony Davis and the Clippers' Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, failed to muster a good working relationship.

Also, both players have been hobbled by health struggles and performance. It was clear too that the Sixers have yet to make the necessary adjustments from the departure of Jimmy Butler.

Still, Harris is a firm believer of what the Phillies can do and he maintained that the team is focused on winning games and capturing the NBA title this season.

For that target to be reached, the Sixers must address the issue of inconsistency plaguing the team. CBS Sports said this was evident in the regular season when the team can turn back likes of the Lakers, Clippers, and the league-leading Milwaukee Bucks.

Those were on the good days but Philadelphia had too many bad days as well. Of the 26 setbacks suffered in the regular, it's important to note that the Sixers lost against the Hawks and Wizards, which were not too highly rated.

The issue of confidence is something to worry about likewise. Playing at home, the Sixers are impressive at 29 games. But when on the road, the team appeared to mostly lose their elements, winning only 10 games and losing 24.

It's crystal clear that the most pressing concern for the Sixers is consistency. There is no denying the team can win, which explains the win against league-leading teams. However, Harris is right and chemistry has to improve for consistency to take a better form in the games to come.

CBS said the key for the Sixers is to play with steadiness and when the stability is realized then Harris' boast of a deep run in the bubble games is not that impossible to realize at all.