There's still uncertainty when it comes to the official arrival of The Blacklist season 8 on NBC. A lot of things should be considered first, particularly the current global health crisis. Another thing is how the series going to pick up the stories left in season 7.

Since these episodes weren't filmed, the stories will be included in the upcoming The Blacklist season 8. Katarina Rostova's storyline is at the center of almost everything here. We'll probably see how her story further unfolds once the new installment premieres.

Katarina has been persuasive, so Liz Keen has to figure out where her allegiance really lies. Since Raymond Reddington tends to withheld information from the latter, she might feel frustrated and left out. This is an opportunity for Katarina to get Liz on her side.

Although we don't want to see Liz switching allegiance at times, Reddington has been keeping the truth over the past years, so it's understandable she seeks for answers. Perhaps, that's the reason why someone as mysterious as Katarina becomes trustworthy just like that.

There are a lot of mysteries when it comes to Katarina, particularly her status. In The Blacklist season 8, we'll learn more about her, including her plans. And while her motives aren't clear as of yet, it's obvious she wanted to bring Reddington down.

Yet, Katarina's storyline won't last long in The Blacklist season 8, largely because larger threats are coming out. It's also unlikely she's the reason why Reddington has been keeping secrets from Liz. As per CarterMatt, the Katarina arc might be temporarily wrapped up in the first four or five episodes.

Meanwhile, Reddington's health condition will probably be addressed in the new season as well. It has been hinted several times that his health is deteriorating and many were worried about his health. This may now be explored since it's obvious his condition is taking a toll on him.

Speaking to TVLine, series creator Jon Bokenkamp said they have already hinted the health issues of Reddington over the past few seasons. However, the character keeps on denying and avoiding this matter since he does not want other people to know something's wrong with him.

But then, he won't be able to deny it anymore because his condition is getting worse. Bokenkamp noted this particular storyline will be one of the focus of The Blacklist season 8. We're going to learn more about what's the truth about his condition and why he chose to hide it.