Prince George is turning 7 years old on July 22, which gives his parents one more year to decide if they will send him to a boarding school when he is 8 years old. The young prince is currently enrolled in Thomas's Battersea in London as a Year 2 student. 

According to OK, the royal family normally sends their children to boarding school at around 8 years old. Prince William and Prince Harry were boarded full-time at the Ludgrove School in Berkshire, three hours away from London, until they were 13. Then they were schooled at Eton College until they were 18 and ready for college.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said that Prince William loved his time at Ludgrove, as did his younger brother. Their mom, Princess Diana, visited them every weekend. 

Seward thinks that Prince George will also enjoy boarding school and that Ludgrove might be a good fit for the shy royal as well. Prince William and Kate aren't likely to rush to this choice, however, and they might not even have to sign up for the waiting list, given their status as royals. 

However, Seward also believes that Kate and Prince William are such modern parents who could shun royal tradition. The royal expert said that their decision will depend on whether Prince George could be happy to live away from home. If he's already happy with this current school, then they might not uproot him to a different environment. 

Prince William and Kate put the mental health of their children as their main priority, which is no surprise considering their advocacy of the issue. The Cambridges want their kids to grow up well-adjusted, calm and happy, and they encourage the three young royals to open up their feelings if they are upset about anything.

Currently, Prince George has been homeschooling for the last few months of the school year due to the coronavirus lockdown. His sister, Princess Charlotte, was supposed to be back to face-to-face schooling as a kindergarten student at Thomas's Battersea, but Prince William and Kate reportedly decided their kids should remain together and continue with the homeschooling setup. Their youngest child, Louis, is 2.

This lockdown has been a great bonding time for the siblings and their parents as they have done many activities together. Prince William revealed that they have been baking a lot in the kitchen as a family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also shared that they have been biking, camping and gardening together.