WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Good Witch season 6 episode 10. Read at your own risk.

Good Witch season 6 episode 10 is arriving later this week on Hallmark Channel, with the title "The Bird." This is a significant episode as it serves as the finale of the season, so be prepared for some emotional moments and unexpected twists and turns.

In Good Witch season 6 episode 10, Cassie lends Martha a hand for decorating the mansion for the housewarming party. It is now time for the Middletons to say goodbye to Joy, as she's leaving the town to go for her next mission.

We'll probably see some emotional moments here, with Joy getting emotional about having to leave her cousins Abigail and Cassie. Throughout the season, we've also seen romantic tensions between Joy and her co-worker Carter.

The question now is: will she confess her feelings for Carter before leaving the town? That's yet to be answered. Another question is whether or not she's coming back in the future seasons. At the moment, there is no confirmation Kat Barrell's character is coming back in the next installment.

Barrell is a series regular on Syfy's Wynonna Earp, so it would likely be hard on her to play a full-time role on the Hallmark Channel series. But, as per CarterMatt, there's still a possibility her character returns in a recurring capacity -- though everything depends on the schedule.

As for what else is coming in Good Witch season 6 episode 10, Abigail is stressed about the curse and it starts to freak her out. She and Donovan talk about it and they decided to reunite to put up a final fight against Merriwick-Davenport. The curse has been ruining their lives for a while now.

Since this is the season finale, we can expect some big events here and a potential cliffhanger. This is a way to bring more stories in the future, making viewers more excited. Right now, however, there is no announcement as to whether season 7 is renewed or canceled.

Still, many believe the series is coming back for more -- as long as the network allows it to deliver more stories. But then, if the series will be renewed, it may not be coming back anytime soon. Due to the current global health crisis, it would be hard for the cast and crew to start filming immediately.

Good Witch season 6 episode 10 airs on Sunday night, July 5, on the Hallmark Channel.