Manchester United again scored a rousing win, 3-0, over Brighton on Tuesday and it seems clear that momentum is on the club's side. To ensure that the winning run will continue, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was advised to continue strengthening the roster and bring in players bearing the quality of Borussia Dortmund ace Jadon Sancho.

The Red Devils dominated the match against Brighton, with Mason Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes shining, and according to Jamie Redknapp, it was clear that Solskjaer's side is pushing ahead to win its remaining games in the Premier League.

From the struggles seen in the first half of the season, the club is now capable of inflicting "real damage," according to Redknapp, the former Liverpool star, who has managed a number of teams in the Premier League, including Tottenham and Portsmouth.

"This [Manchester United] team could do some real damage. They've got so much quality and pace," Metro quoted Redknapp as saying, picking up on the pundit's interview with Sky Sports.

Redknapp said United looked like a juggernaut in the Brighton match, and it was obvious that the team came out to win. The game started with the Red Devils immediately taking control, and there was no looking back until the final time.

Things could get better for United if Solskjaer can complete the reported signing of Sancho. The Bundesliga star has been linked for months on a transfer to Old Trafford, and Redknapp, at least, is convinced having Sancho on the roster will make United even more dangerous.

The pundit called on the club hierarchy to beef up the lineup in the summer with a focus on bringing Sancho back to the Premier League.

However, signing the England international will cost United a lot of money. Sancho's side has indicated there is no rush to release the winger, but in case of a transfer request from the 20-year-old, the price tag is expected be no lower than £100 million.

The value seems justified, as the attacker has so far showcased a sensational performance during the season, with a combination of 17 goals and 16 assists in the Bundesliga. The monetary demand looks affordable enough for United, but the team is hoping that the prevailing market condition will bring the price down significantly.

According to Sky Sports, while Solskjaer is hell-bent on seeing Sancho in a Red Devils jersey next season, he is careful about splurging big money on a single player.

If the deal on the youngster is ever finalized, United's spending will be capped at £50 million. The club believes the amount best reflects the current business cliate, given the financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So it would seem that as far as United is concerned, a deal for  Sancho will only materialize if Dortmund would be willing to make the necessary adjustments.